Top Tips for Efficient Building

As a trusted builder in Calgary and area, the experts at Cornerstone Homes have the knowledge to assist with designing the perfect home plan that is also budget-friendly. Custom acreage homes do not have to come with premium price tags. Cornerstone Homes has sourced important ways to provide budget friendly building that still takes into account your customized wish list. Here are a few key factors that allow you to build an acreage home with Cornerstone Homes and still stay on budget:

  • Custom Designed Efficient Home Plans
  • Use a Certified Builder with Strong Vendor Partners
  • Rough in the things you can’t afford
  • Custom Designed Efficient Home Plans: As you begin the design process there are certain factors that designers at Cornerstone Homes can recommend and implement to lower overall costs.
  1. Alberta’s new energy requirements, under Subsection 9.36.2, 9.36.3 & 9.36.4 set out energy efficient guidelines, which will ultimately benefit the homeowner by reducing future energy costs. These requirements are set out by code and are included in your home plan beginning on November 1, 2016.
  2. Home Style: Bungalows or ranch style homes are more expensive to build in comparison to two-story’s. Bungalows have a larger footprint, which means they require more work in excavation, more concrete for foundation walls and a larger basement slab. Bungalows also require more roof surface to finish. Cornerstone Homes can show you how to achieve similar square footage with a two story when you build up instead of out, thereby reducing construction costs.
  3. Roof Lines: steep roof pitches add more in building costs because roof trusses will be priced higher than a shallow roof. Roofers may also charge more to shingle a steeper roof. Since design trends emphasize modern flatter roofs, this too may lead more people to consider the less expensive low sloping roof lines.
  • Use a Certified Builder with Strong Vendor Partners The experience of a well-qualified builder will save you money by keeping down construction costs and by garnering strong discounts with vendors, below standard retail costs. For instance, Cornerstone Homes negotiates key supplier pricing from electrical work to flooring in order to provide homebuyers with the most competitive price possible. As an expert in everything from design to excavation Cornerstone Homes is able to keep the price down by providing many quality services in house. Cornerstone Homes also specializes in acreage site work, including road works, building approaches and construction of outbuildings, all with careful consultation with clients.

Rough in the things you can’t affordIf you can’t afford everything now, consider roughing in certain items for completion later when the budget allows. For instance, why not rough in the gas line for a future fireplace or rough in the waterlines and drain for a future bar with final completion of these items planned in the months or years ahead. A fully finished basement may not be in everyone’s budget today, but adding the rough-ins now will allow you to complete that basement later with minimal aggravation. Similarly, consider roughing in air-conditioner lines now so that later it is an easy and less expensive install. And remember, when you have the budget to complete these items, Cornerstone Homes is a phone call away and ready to install the final products!

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